No - The Only Negotiating System You Need For Work and Home by Jim Camp- Audio Book

The system of negotiation that will increase your level of success

Jim Camp, the world’s #1 negotiating coach, shows how to release the emotional pressure that’s part of any negotiation by using his proven system of safe, decision-based negotiation that enables you to meet all your objectives without needless, wasted compromises or giveaways. 

• Out of the blue your best customer demands a huge discount—or else he takes his business elsewhere. 
• You think you finally have a buyer for your home, but then at the last minute she demands that you pay for new landscaping of the yard—or no deal. There are plenty of other properties for sale, and she says she’ll walk. 
• Your son is having trouble in school, and you have to think about how to deal with his “my way or the highway” teacher.

When confronted with these—and innumerable other—day-to-day negotiating challenges at work and in your personal life, most people start to guess about how much they should give up in compromise to make the other side happy (“I’ll just meet them halfway, and we can put this problem to bed”). 

Jim Camp has a better way for you to negotiate:


Saying “no” is not about being hard-nosed or intransigent. Rather, it stops everyone in their tracks, clears the air, and allows you to get at what the real issues are. It is a proven and an amazingly effective system that avoids unwarranted assumptions, needless compromises, and wild guesses, showing:

• How to stop being needy, banishing emotional responses such as “I must keep this customer’s business” or “I have to sell this house now,” and start focusing on what you can control—yourself
• Why in a negotiation the two worst things to hear are “yes” and “maybe”
• How to get to the heart of the issue through the art and science of asking great questions
• How to find out who the real “decider” is and stop negotiating with the unqualified

We live in a compromise- and assumption-based world, but Jim Camp flips conventional wisdom on its head and in the process makes you a more effective negotiator with clients, customers, spouses, kids, neighbors, and coworkers. Through Camp’s system you’ll find that “no” is just the start of the negotiation, not the end of it. With it, you’ll get everything you want and you’ll build solid relationships with those you negotiate with.


What People Are Saying:

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ This is BY FAR one of the most important books I've ever read that I wish I had learned about much sooner in my life and that I'd suggest is required reading for anyone that wants to succeed in business and in life. It's unfortunate that Jim Camp, author of this magnificent book, has passed on, but I'm grateful he left the world with this brilliant piece of work. This system will help you in every facet of life that deals with human interaction. Get it, read it, re-read it, master it. You'll be so thankful you did. (5/23/18)

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